Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rocky gets out of the boat

Been so busy lately...

I've uploaded another page in Rabbi Encounters, as the detail above shows. I've also been busy working on the details of The Solidarity Fast...which I hope some of you will join me in.

I've been on a quest toward simplicity. Its something only Jesus can do for me...I can't even find the edges of this large blanket of my life, much less fold the thing smaller. I'm trusting Him to lead the way...but I believe I will touch the Divine nature the smaller I can become.

Come O Good King,

teach me intentional humility.

Lead me in the way of small things,

where I might know your greatness.
- St. Robin of Lyonia

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Found some old work

I dug these up the other day...it was a graphic short story I was working on as a submission to a youth oriented literary publication. I wrote the whole story out, and drew out only two of the pages. I sort of like it still.
I did this back before I knew how to use my computer for most of that stuff...so the washes are done in ink and the lettering was printed off the computer and pasted (with glue stick) to the original art. It's amazing how primitive things were to me then.