Thursday, August 31, 2006

Zombie Island

Ok....so I haven't posted in a while. Things were a bit emotional last week, having dropped the Jelly Bean off in Jacksonville. We've been talking every day on the phone, and that helps...and Robbie and I seem to be doing fine with the house to ourselves...especially since the other two kids have been hanging with us regularly. It's a good, smooth transition.

There's this group of Christian comic artists who are going to put together an anthology of comic work called "Parable" , and I'm planning on submitting a project of my own. I was going to do another chapter for "Rabbi Encounters"....but upon further thought, I came up with another idea. It's going to be called "I Was Born on Zombie Island"...and will be a pretty straightforward allegory.

Here's a sketch I did in Photoshop of the main character (click on it to see a larger version):

Saturday, August 19, 2006

College is exciting

College is an exciting event...if you're a student. Not so much if you're a parent, waving goodbye to the light green Honda, which carries your son, as it disappears around the corner of your street. Then college is a monster who steals babies.

Bradley left for Jacksonville this morning. Janelle leaves Wednesday.

After that, Robbie and I get the house to ourselves. No more messes trailing down the hallway...no more toothpaste on the main bathroom's mirror. No more shouting matches and loud music late at night. No more wild stories of adventures lived throughout the day.

Just peace, and quiet, and tidiness.

Don't get me wrong. Robbie and I had Jessica 9 months after we were married. From that moment on, our great focus was on child-rearing. Not that we didn't take time for ourselves, we did, and our relationship is close and deep. It's just that this is going to be new. Apart from those first nine months (where Robbie was puking or sleeping, and I was working 12 hour days)...we haven't had the house to ourselves. It's just a mystery ahead of us...an adventure.

Anyway...here's what I drew:

Friday, August 18, 2006

Abraham and the stars

I'm uploading TWO drawings today...because I was working on my multi-media presentation for Sunday, and I needed a drawing of Abraham...so I did this.

No Flesh Shall Survive

So I was thinking about some video game that was released in the 90's about a king who looked like Rasputin, who returned to his homeland and overthrew the usurpers who took his throne...and I was thinking about how much that parallelled the Christ story, at least the eschatological parts of it...and I was thinking about the tag-line for the game's ads which said "No Flesh Shall Survive"....and how that's really what the spiritual war is all about right now, the death to self, the eradication of "flesh's" control.....
and I sketched this in Photo shop, (with a little help from Poser):

....and I think it would make a great album cover for a Hardcore band.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

it's early

Morning comes too early sometimes.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Speaking of Billy

Now that I'm not doing a drawing a day, I have more time to do drawings. Here's one of Billy Graham I did in 15 minutes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Aiming lower

Ok....so my daughter thinks that a drawing a day is over-reaching on my part, because I rarely follow through with those kinds of things. She's right. I quit. But I still have a drawing (or rather a cartoon) that I did yesterday in response to a thread on The Ooze that links to an article on Billy Graham. He's mellowed a lot in old age, and has questioned some things lately that has made him the target of at least one blogger who calls himself an "anti-cult discernment ministry".....and that description got me thinking...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Nothing happens like I want it to

So...I had these great plans for cutting up my Ireland trip into instalments and Youtubing them weekly for your enjoyment....but then my camera quits working, so I can't capture the stupid footage. Feh.

Group magazine is going to start running a bio of me, including a picture, on the page I do my strip. That's pretty exciting...to me at least.

I was looking at another artist's blog-site, and he is posting a drawing a day...and I think I may do that too, in a blatant act of idea theft. But it's a good exercise really...and I need to exercise, because I'm overweight. heh.

Ok....so here's my drawing for today! Daniel was looking over my shoulder and I asked what I should draw...and he said "a funny bananna." He also instructed me that funny banannas do not have noses....ever. They also have arms only...that makes them funny.