Friday, December 17, 2004

The Hippies are coming again. They're bringing more Hippies with them.

Last time the Hippies came, I was so enamored with them, I wanted to leave everything behind, grow dredlocks, learn to play a pan-pipe...and live with them on the road in their not-so-hippy like motor-home.

I love those Hippies. I love the life that bursts from them...on and off stage. I have a serious smile lodged on my face thinking about them coming back. They take me out of my comfort zone...they challenge my middle class, suburban, evangelical worldview....they play killer tribal drums. I want to dance through the woods and howl at the moon when I hear their music. I want to go shirtless and stare at the sparks from a fire and feel the whispering wind kiss my face.

I wonder how long it will take to grow dredlocks? When you're balding? And 43.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Holy Cow! Oct 18th was the last time I wrote something here. Where'd November go? How did we get this close to Christmas?

Speaking of Christmas...I'm living in a new house (new to me that is), and this is our first Christmas there. This year, Robbie came out and helped the Jelly Bean and I put up our lights. I was a little melancholy about things, because we have guttering at this house, and we used plastic clips to put the lights up on, instead of my old trusty staple gun. No more adventures in electrical fires. No more 110 current running through my veins as I touch a staple that goes through the wire.

We only went to the store once during this event, which I think is a record for us. It was still a lot of fun, and there was still a lot of laughter. But as I looked at my 16 year old daughter, and tried to associate her with that little bean of years before...I don't know...things were different somehow. It's all good...just different.