Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Remember Fireball XL-5

I'm too young to remember when this show aired on NBC...but I remember it in syndication. My brother was crazy for it. I do remember fondly the toys we had which were inspired by it. Fireball XL-5 was a Gerry Anderson "supermarionation" puppet show (like Thunderbirds) chock full of rockets, robots and rayguns.

I happened on an episode that had been uploaded to Youtube, and started doodling as I watched. How cool would it be to have a comic based on Fireball XL-5, retaining all the goofy, innocent tech stuff (like viewing things through the "space-ma-scope") but infusing it with a more modern edge?

Anyway...here's what I did.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Psalm 124

I drew this after reading Ps 124 one morning...and this is what was pictured in my head. I believe it's a good practice to have...visualizing and using your imagination when reading the Scriptures.
I also put this up at "The Illustrated Bible" illustration blog. Check it out when you get some time...there's some really good work by ArtistXero and Tim Barron there as well.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Few Paintings I've Done Recently

My poor neglected blog. I wont bore anyone with excuses for not posting more regularly...it's all been said before. Here are a couple of paintings I've been muddling with the last two weeks. I don't get to surf much anymore....but that doesn't diminish my enthusiasm for the sport....hence, these paintings.

This one is called "Azure Drop"...speed painting, done in acrylics on Masonite.

This one was inspired from a photo on Mr. Surf's site...it's of the Jetties during Wilma, I think. Same process, except done on an old piece of plywood found in the garage.

Here's a detail of that same painting...this is probably my favorite section of said painting...although many people seem drawn to the clouds for some reason.