Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Explainations about explaining stuff

OK...I'm really late in trying to update anything here. I've had a wedding, counseling stuff...plus I'm jamming to get ahead of things before I leave for Jacksonville this weekend, and Ireland next week. Yeesh.
I'll take my vid cam and try to do some vlogging from over there...but it probably won't be answering any of the really great questions that have been posted. I will get to those by the by.

On another note...Copper just updated. It always makes my day to read a new instalment of Copper. As a cartoonist, there are things that really grab me and inspire me and slap the back of my brain in that strip.
One such moment, as I was reading this latest instalment, was this:

Those two panels are brilliant. No...beyond brilliant. Maybe you have to be cartoonist to see it, but I hope not.

It's possible that Kazu Kibuishi will sue me for posting this...but that's another thing I'm hoping against.

You should read Copper, and eagerly await it's updates like I do. Then we could sit around and chat about some of the subtler meanings of his strips, and appreciate the fact that Kazu must be a surfer to be able to capture the feel of waiting in the line up like he did.

Anyway, you should also read my web-comic if you don't already. I may end up taking some flak for the latest chapter....but I hope not.
It may be on hiatus whilst I'm away...but it will return.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The British Reading Guy

As promised....more stuff is explained.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Web Presence Update

I've just recently realized (read: Robbie just rolled her eyes and told me) that I have several different web-oriented projects going, and I need a place to park the links to them.
Hence,robwoodrum.com has been launched.
There are links from there to my online comic strip "Rabbi Encounters", as well as a link to this blog....
oh yeah...and there's a link to the book "The Wanderer for Wonderwhat". I self-published it through Lulu (I should say Robbie self-published it). It's the same story that appeared here on my blog, but now it's concise and has illustrations that accompany it. It also has the Didache paraphrase that appeared here as well.

Anyway...that's just an update. Back to work for me.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


here is the second of my video-blogs

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Rob Woodrum Explains Stuff-video

Ok...so I've started vloging. (video-blog). click the play button in the thumbnail to watch. (hint: once you click play, hit pause and let the video load, it saves having to watch the thing hang during playback)