Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sky Sharks

This is something I did for one of the many sketch groups I've dabbled with....
I just thought I needed something to change the color around here.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


*Transcribed from my Moleskine:
day one - Solidarity Fast
Shoeless. That was a bright idea I had at the last minute. Being shoeless is sort of a universal indicator of poverty, isn't it?
I mowed my lawn because my neighbors aren't doing a fast...and they shouldn't have to endure looking at my mangy and unkempt yard. Can't use the fast as an excuse....so I mowed it.
I had no idea how many sand-spurs are thriving in my yard...it looked so green. As I picked through the little barbs lacing the soles of my feet, all romantic notions of what this will be like have dissipated.
The food issue hasn't really gotten to me yet. I ate a plain piece of bread in the morning, and my portion of the "white glop" (our three day mixture of rice and beans) at lunchtime. It was bland...and didn't fill me up, which I thought was strange. In fact...I was hungry within about an hour and a half after eating it. I would've thought the rice would stick to me more?
The real pain so far comes from my heavy caffeine addiction No coffee...no buzz...no energy...all replaced with a vicious headache.
If I break, it will be over that! What I wanted to achieve is already happening. All day long, my thoughts have been on the poor. All day long I've prayed for them....grieved for them.
I feel no guilt - which is good. The plight of the poor is not my fault, and I'm not to blame for where I was born....but I am one step closer to weeping with the weeping.

my stomach just growled. ugh.