Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another Project

I’m working on a graphic novelette…a telling of "the passion" in comic book form. I’m calling it Deus Fortis, and right now, I’m thinking of doing it with no word balloons at all, no real dialogue or narration…just the pictures telling the story. (Though there is at least one panel where I think I’ll be putting the direct quote from the gospels in the background of the scene…so there may be some stuff like that).
Anyway…here’s page one, black and white. (click on it to see it bigger)I may color this before its all over.
Whaddya’ think?

Friday, February 17, 2006

"Faith is the mother of us all; with Hope following in her train, and Love of God and Christ and neighbor leading the way. Let a man's mind be wholly bent on these, and he has fulfilled all the demands of holiness; for to possess Love is to be beyond the reach of sin." - Polycarp

When tax day rolls around this April, it will mark the 11th year that's passed since I agreed to take on the responsibility of being a pastor among the people of Eastgate.
In all those years, I think I'm safe in saying I've never been accused of being harsh or legalistic in my approach to leadership. At least...It's never happened to my face, no one has ever tried to correct this in my life. I can only hope it's really true. I can only hope that I haven't done more harm than good, which has been my biggest fear and concern for 11 years now.

What I have been accused of, quite regularly and as recently as last Sunday, is of being unbalanced when it comes to grace. I can't even remember how many times very well meaning people have come to correct me about teaching on grace and God's love too much. I usually point out that I preach through the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. If there is an over-emphasis on grace, I don't think that's my fault, I think we need to take that up with the Author.

You know what else is interesting? I've never heard anyone say "I'm worried I'll just walk away from Jesus if you keep talking about how He loves me." No. It's usually being worried about other people that brings out their complaint. "I'm just worried that people will think they can live however they want if you keep emphasizing grace so much."

"But what about you? Does it make you want to go wild in sinful behavior when you hear that Jesus loved you so much He gave up everything for you, to rescue you?"

"No, but I know what my responsibilities in life are, I'm worried about those who think they can live any way they please because they're saved by grace and not works."

"Have you met these people? Is there someone specifically you're worried about?"

"NO, I'm just thinking of weaker Christians."

"The little people, who don't know any better, whom the Holy Spirit doesn't lead without our interference?"

"Don't get sarcastic...there's no need for that. You don't think we have a responsibility to watch out for each other...or for a leader to point the way?"

"I do, very much so. But I firmly believe if you teach a Christian who he is, the life will take care of itself. Of all the lifestyle choices you're concerned about, do you think the restraint is important, or the motive for restraint?"

"I don't understand what you're saying?"

"If you gave a Valentine's card to your spouse that said 'Because we're married, and it's my duty, I haven't slept with anyone else. Here's the card it's my responsibility to provide.' How well would that go over? How would that promote a deeper relationship?"

"So, you think it's ok for someone to just keep on in sin, say fornication, until they desire to stop?"

"Ok? You're talking as though I stand up and say 'Go out and sin it up!' every week. My teachings are all recorded, they're online...I'm up for a challenge. Can you find any time when I've ever said 'It doesn't matter how you live' or 'Do whatever you feel like, God doesn't care.'?! I have said, and will continue to say that God loves us despite our sin, and doesn't love us less because of sin, but if we choose sin how can we really be loving Him? But if a love for Christ is not what constrains us, then it really doesn't matter either way. If we modify our behavior just for the sake of religious duty, it's just as far from righteous as the overt act of sin. Both overt sin and religious behavior dismisses a love for God...but the danger is that one of those is acceptable to men and assumes a position of righteousness. I say LOVE GOD like He loves YOU, and behavior will take care of itself."

"................so, are you saying you don't think fornication is a sin?"


And there are times when, for all the joy and wonder of being in an honest community, I still want to just curl up in a ball and go to sleep. Or hand the keys to someone else and just sit on the beach and not talk.

"... for to possess Love is to be beyond the reach of sin."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

something's coming

and it's very close...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Check this out!

Have you been to Dustin's blog lately? He's got a great video interview posted there. It's classic...really gets you thinking!
You can find it here

Monday, February 06, 2006

what I've been workin' on

Here's an illustration that will be in my self-published book "The Wanderer for Wonderwhat"

it's a pretty poor rez copy...but you can get the idea